Sex, Religion & Other Hang-ups


Sex, Religion & Other Hang-ups, is a one-man show about a guy with a ravenous sexual libido (Gangl) battling it out against a guy with a staunch Catholic upbringing (also Gangl) over the heart of a sexy, insightful underwear model (not Gangl) that he meets at his first professional acting gig, a commercial shoot for Coors Light. Fringe sensation and solo-show veteran, Chris Gibbs directs, mining the universal truths in Gangl’s twisted and touching true story.

Sex, Religion & Other Hang-ups won a Canadian Comedy Award for Best One Man Show and was voted Patron’s Pick at both the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival and the 2012 Victoria Fringe Festival. NOW Magazine awarded the show “Outstanding Production” and Gangl with “Outstanding Performance”. Gangl also won the first annual Ed Mirvish Award for Entrepreneurship for highest percentage of tickets sold…the entire run was sold-out! Finally, SR&OH was accepted and presented as part of the United Solo Festival on Broadway in New York City.


“Energetic, captivating, and hilarious…”
- Carly Maga, Torontoist

NNNN “Unforgettable … his emotional honesty deepens the humour.”
- Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine